Technical protection

SECURITAS GROUP d.o.o. provides technical security services using the latest security and information technology is currently available on the market. Thanks to extensive experience in designing, implementing and maintaining security systems, and using the highest quality safety equipment, we provide customers continuous availability of technical protection systems. To confirm the level of service quality and security, we emphasize meeting the standard of ISO27001 information security.

Your safety is concerned the most modern information system has three redundant locations.

Technical security services we provide are:

  • Video surveillance systems
  • Anti burglary systems
  • Fire-detection and gas-detection systems
  • Access control systems
  • Article security systems
  • GPS satellite system for monitoring mobile objects

Video surveillance systems

Implement surveillance systems that include cameras (fixed and mobile) devices for analog and / or digital recording, viewing, processing and distribution of video. All systems that the company SECURITAS GROUP d.o.o. implement and maintain, are top quality and meet the highest international standards and to work in harsh conditions.

Anti burglary systems

The company SECURITAS GROUP d.o.o. able to offer the highest quality solutions to protect your assets. We present detectors sensitive to heat, motion, sound, fractures, etc., and digital and analog central device. Intrusion solutions company SECURITAS GROUP LTD are complete and are connected to the current, most reliable and technologically advanced central alarm system (CDS).

Fire-detection and gas-detection systems

Early and timely reports of a possible fire or gas leak is crucial for the preservation of your space. The company SECURITAS GROUP d.o.o. offers the most advanced and reliable systems, thermal, and optical smoke detectors that its shape, appearance and design will not interfere with the visual impression of your space.

Access control systems

Access control system is an essential component of every company today. Ensures the integrity of your space, and allows continuous monitoring and recording over and out of people and staff from the facilities. Client company itself, with the help of our expert security consultants creates access policy to protected facility. The company SECURITAS GROUP d.o.o. guarantees ongoing support, qualitative analysis and improvement of security system.

Article security systems

With video surveillance or monitoring of facilities physical protection, which is protected goods, we offer you the protection system integrated with the equipment goods in the goods themselves. This type of security systems, that consist of equipment integrated in protected goods and sensors placed on entrance or exit of protected object are ideal for shops and other crowded facilities.

GPS satellite system for monitoring mobile objects

GPS satellite system, it is possible at any time to determine the exact position and speed of motion of a moving object (car, boat). GPS systems consist of a GPS module mounted on the movable object and the central system for tracking and monitoring of objects in motion.